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Donna W.
Plano, TX
“Bees had nested in the eves of the house. Quite an active hive and annoying. A portion of the eve was removed to obtain access to the hive. They placed a dry killing powder in the hive area and returned in 48 hrs to ensure killing of the bees. The hive comb was removed along with the dead bees. Then using a solution that included bleach and soap the hive area was thoroughly cleansed. Member Comments: The call was made to several Bee removal companies but the Bee Safe company was the most reasonable, cost wise. They were courteous and patient with explanations of the process. Arrival was punctual and services performed as outlined to remove the bees. To date no return of the bee infestation has occurred. It now makes trimming and mowing much less stressful. This is a service provider I would highly recommend and as for return service if ever had a bee problem again.”

Nicole R.
Dallas, TX
“(Angieslist) Harold was very professional friendly and quick. He was very courteous on the phone and arrived within half an hour of the phone call. He explained the process of removing the bees and then performed it quickly. He was very friendly in person and was extremely professional”

Helen G.
Comfort, TX
“(Angieslist Review) I purchased the bee/wasp removal special deal from The Angies's list email. The company was very quick to respond to my contact and to set up a service time. They were very professional and the wasps are gone! Member Comments: It went very well.”

David H.
Denton, TX
“(Angieslist Review) We had a swarm of bees beginning to build a comb inside our soffit. Harold Wright of Bee Safe Bee Removal arrived on time, assessed the situation, and explained in detail what was needed and why. He treated the area and within a day no flying bees were observed. He was pleasant to deal with and seemed to be very knowledgable. I would use his service again.”

Paula R.
Fort Worth, TX
“(Angieslist Review) The beekeeper suited up and treated all areas that I indicated to him with a powder that proved to be impervious to subsequent rains and wind. (It was of some concern that I had no such protection - respiratory precautions were in order.) It took about a week before the wasps figured out that they could no longer access their residences on or in my property. Though the surrounding neighbors confirmed that they had the same problem, I have seen only the rare wasp at my property since the second week after treatment. It was money well spent. ”


Customer Reviews

“( Review) June 13 Description Of Work:  Removed bees from a tree branch 4ft off the ground. Member Comments:  We went out to mow the lawn and found a fairly substantial bee swarm in a tree on a Saturday. Called Bee Safe and they had someone out the same day (about 6 hours later) and he..”

Mary Ann C.

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